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Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are from a branch of dentistry called endodontics. Endodontics is the study of the dental pulp, rather, the interior of the tooth, as well as its treatment and care. Root canal therapy is its main focus. In doing so, any diseased pulp is removed, the root canal system is cleaned and reshaped, and they system is filled to prevent any further contamination. It can also be done as a preventative measure when issues arise, and to promote healing of the surrounding tissue.

Endodontists require additional education and training, and DentFirst West Midtown is proud to include a staff that can service all of your needs. Though a root canal therapy procedure may sound like an intimidating or complicated one, it is fairly routine in most cases and can offer immediate relief while saving the tooth. Should you need or desire a root canal, rest assured it will be explained thoroughly by your DentFirst dentist and that you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure. If you would like to learn more, please schedule an appointment with us to find all available treatments to help alleviate on-going tooth pain.

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