Make DentFirst Your New Home!


You have many options in choosing where and how to practice your profession. DentFirst is a locally Dentist owned and operated multi-specialty private practice that has provided our colleagues with lower-stress practice options for 40 years! Unlike many other large Atlanta practices, DentFirst is neither owned by insurance companies nor Venture Capitalists. As an Independent Contractor dentist, you have the flexibility and freedom you have been searching for.


As a DentFirst Dentist you:


  • Will be joining a thriving practice of general and specialty doctors.
  • Will practice in fully-equipped and state-of-the-art offices.
  • Each office has entirely paperless records, billing, and digital radiography.
  • Will enjoy working with a highly effective and well-trained team of hygienists, assistants, and staff to ensure that your professional needs are met.
  • We do not participate in any DMO or government-funded plans. You can optionally choose to participate in several PPO plans and establish your own fees.
  • Will be a part of a growing practice that welcomes and treats 10,000+ new patients a year.
  • Will have the freedom to work when you want! Our offices offer morning, evening, and Saturday hours so that you may enjoy a flexible and productive schedule to fit your lifestyle.
  • Will no longer be personally responsible for payroll, supply orders, rent, staffing, collections, filing insurance, etc. You can even incorporate yourself and remain the only employee of your company.
  • Will have the ability to access your schedule and patient records remotely.


We know that you have many options when choosing where you would like to call your professional home. DentFirst is a locally owned and operated private practice which has cared for Atlanta residents for 40 years! DentFirst seeks personable Dental Assistants, Hygienists, Patient Services Representatives, Insurance Coordinators, and Managers.


As A DentFirst Team Member you:


  • Will be a part of a growing practice that welcomes and treats 10,000+ new patients a year.
  • Will receive competitive pay, which rewards your experience.
  • Will have the option to enroll in health insurance benefits through our company.
  • Will receive dental benefits through our company.
  • Will have the option to sign up for life insurance benefits.
  • Can earn paid vacation time.
  • Can receive CE reimbursement yearly.
  • Can earn certification in CPR at no cost to you.
  • Will be working side by side with a friendly team in a positive and caring atmosphere.
  • If you are interested in learning more about DentFirst’s amazing opportunities – please contact us at

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