Root Canals


Root Canal Therapy is a part of the Endodontics branch of dentistry which focuses on healing infections around the most sensitive portions of a tooth and removing those structures when or if necessary. If you are dealing with consistent pain and infection in a tooth, it is possible that root canal therapy could help essentially relieve you of that pain. The procedure itself is similar to a filling and can often be completed one or two appointments depending on the tooth. Once the root canal has been completed, your DentFirst dentist will either do a filling or a crown on the affected tooth.

There are nerves within your teeth and a tooth that has suffered trauma or repeat infections is most susceptible to extreme sensitivity or pain that can affect daily life. It is also possible, if there is no visible damage to the outside of the tooth, that there is inflammation within the pulp of the tooth that is the cause of on-going discomfort. By removing those nerves and surrounding structures, you will no longer feel pain following a successful root canal. The reason the root canal must be followed up with either a filling or a crown is because it becomes necessary to further protect the tooth from future damage or decay.

Though a root canal therapy procedure may sound like an intimidating or complicated one, it is fairly routine in most cases and can offer immediate relief while saving the tooth. Should you need or desire a root canal, rest assured it will be explained thoroughly by your DentFirst dentist and that you will be made to feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure. If you would like to learn more, please schedule an appointment with us to find all available treatments to help alleviate on-going tooth pain.