Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wsidom Teeth2

About Your Wisdom Teeth

Why has your dentist referred you to an Oral Surgeon?

Your family dentist has determined that your treatment requires special care. An oral surgeon is a dentist who has had extensive training in the removal of teeth. As specialists, they devote their time and skill to patients who require oral surgery. Oral surgery is one of the eight specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.

Why remove them?

Often wisdom teeth are so far back they can be hard to clean, making them more prone to decay. Bacteria can infect the surrounding tissue and cause gum disease. Also, crowding can damage adjacent teeth and, if they are impacted, cysts can form and destroy the surrounding jaw bone.

But they don’t hurt

The best time to remove wisdom teeth is when they DO NOT HURT. If you wait until you are “sore”, infection can be present and it is sometimes more difficult to become numb. Tissue does not heal as well when infection is present. In some cases it may become necessary for you to be treated with antibiotics for several days before they can be removed. This will delay your treatment.

Recovery Time

After your surgery you will need to go home and relax. Your doctor will prescribe medicine to make you comfortable. There is no set recovery time, many people do return to school/work the next day. A work/school excuse is available if you need one.


In most cases insurance will cover a percentage after your yearly deductible has been satisfied. However, we encourage you to contact your insurance carrier to verify your coverage. You will be responsible for any balance your insurance does not cover. We will be glad to help you determine your coverage.

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