The Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Your dental appearance is an integral component of your facial beauty. People with healthy, pearly white teeth are the life of every party. Our teeth have a very important role to play in our lives. They help perform a number of everyday tasks such as chewing and talking. Unhealthy teeth are unable to perform these functions, and can also promote a number of health complications.

When it comes to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, the importance of regular dental checkups cannot be emphasized enough. Regular dental checkups are a critical part of preventive health care. They provide your dentist opportunities to closely monitor your dental health.If your dentist observes any dental abnormalities or detects signs of dental problems, they will take corrective actions in a timely manner to nip the problem in the bud.

Here are some benefits of regular dental checkups.

Keep Periodontal Disease at Bay

According to a study, around 47 percent of people above the age of 30 have a periodontal disease. The figure is even higher for senior citizens (70 percent). Periodontists, if not cured in a timely manner, can cause severe bone damage and you may end up losing one or more teeth.

During a dental checkup, a dentist thoroughly checks teeth, gums, bite, and bone structure to assess risk factors for periodontal disease. Early detection allows the periodontist to take necessary steps to prevent the problem.

Protect Your Overall Health and Well being

From dementia to cancer, there are several serious health problems caused by poor oral health. A study shows that women can cut their risk of heart attacks by 33 percent with regular dental care. During a dental checkup session, your dentist will look for signs of oral cancer.

Though 9 out of 10 times nothing unusual will show up, that one time can make all the difference. Remember early detection is critical for the successful treatment of cancer and other serious health problems. To lower your risk of ending up in the emergency room, visit your dentist as recommended by your provider.


A study reported that people who regularly visit their dentists have lower healthcare costs. Regular checkups give your dentist opportunities to look for symptoms of gum and teeth problems. The sooner the problem is diagnosed, the better your chances of recovering before it snowballs into a major issue requiring extensive (and expensive) treatment.

Prevent Bad Breath

No one likes to be around people with bad breath. Bad breath can make a person a social outcast. If you are at an increased risk of experiencing bad breath or halitosis, regularly visit your dentist. During your checkup, your dental hygienist will perform a teeth cleaning to remove built-up tartar and calculus, helping to maintain a healthy and fresh mouth.

Caring for your teeth and gums should top your priority list. At Dentfirst Dental Care, we are on a mission to help as many people as we can to maintain their healthy teeth and gums. We offer dental health solutions for the entire family. Whether you need basic dental cleaning or a complex root canal, we’ve got you covered. To make an appointment, call us at 404-334-7622.

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