How Do I Get an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

Our teeth have an important role to play in our life. They help us perform three major functions – smiling, eating, and talking. Your oral health can impact your overall health. Dental problems will not just prevent your teeth from performing their role, but also drag down your quality of life. You cannot turn a blind eye to your dental problems, hoping that they’d disappear overnight. To prevent dental problems from controlling your life, consult your dentist before things get out of hand.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

If you are experiencing minor pain in your teeth, gums or jaws, you may feel like you can wait for a few days to see your dentist. Some dental problems, however, require the immediate attention of an emergency dentist in Atlanta. Such dental issues are considered dental emergencies. If you have these dental problems, do not wait to make an appointment to see your dentist in Atlanta.

Broken or Knocked Out Tooth

From bizarre accidents to pressure from teeth grinding, there can be many causes of a broken tooth. Whatever the reason may be, a broken tooth is a matter of concern. A broken tooth can cause bleeding and severe pain. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. People who delay in getting professional help run the risk of losing the tooth or may have to undergo expensive surgery to get the problem fixed.

Exposed Nerves

An exposed nerve can cause excruciating pain, bringing life to a standstill. To prevent it from stopping you in your tracks, consult your dentist as soon as you start experiencing problems chewing your food. Many people think their woes are over when the pain stops abruptly. In reality, this is a cause of concern and can mean that the affected nerve is so severely damaged that the person can no longer feel anything.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus that forms in different parts of an infected tooth. You know you have an abscessed tooth when you experience extreme pain while performing normal, everyday tasks such as drinking, eating, talking, or even breathing. An abscessed tooth can make you dread even the idea of something touching your teeth. Yes, it’s that bad! If you have an abscessed tooth, we have just one message for you – do not wait for the weekend to see your dentist. Make an emergency appointment to have the problem addressed at the earliest.

How to Make an Emergency Dentist Appointment?

The only predictable thing about dental problems is that they are unpredictable. At Dentfirst Dental Care, we understand this, and have a team of emergency doctors and support staff on standby. When you call our office after normal working hours, you will be transferred to our emergency care line. Our emergency staff will take it from there.

Dent First Dental Care is a team of experienced dentists in Atlanta. We are committed  to helping our community members preserve their beautiful smile. Whether you are looking for teeth cleaning services or need dental implants in Atlanta, we got you covered. To talk to an oral health specialist, call us at 404-334-7622.

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