Foods to Help Keep Your Smile Healthy

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When it comes to protecting your teeth, knowing what to eat is just as important as knowing what not to eat or to eat in moderation. As National Nutrition Month draws to an end, we wanted to share some foods with you that are great for your smile!

Some of these foods may already be a part of your diet or you may find that incorporating certain foods will protect your teeth and help to keep them strong and healthy.

Remember, a diet rich in foods that help your teeth comes second to maintaining regular oral health examinations from your DentFirst Dentist!

Below you will find a few types of food that have inherent benefits in protecting your smile.

Foods Rich in Fiber

Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber increase saliva flow and help wash away potential cavity causing food particles more quickly.

(Celery, carrots, apples)

Foods with Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that is great for strengthening teeth and protecting tooth enamel. Regularly consuming foods that are high in calcium is a great way to protect your teeth.

(Milk, cheese, leafy green veggies, calcium-fortified juices and soy products)

Foods with Vitamin C

Many people are unaware of the benefits that Vitamin C has on our oral health. Vitamin C has properties which help keep our gums healthy and ward off conditions such as gingivitis which can lead to loss of adult teeth or periodontal issues.

(Oranges, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes)

Sugarless Gum

Who doesn’t enjoy chewing gum occasionally? Fortunately there are a plethora of sugarless gums on the market to choose from. Chewing sugarless gum shortly after eating a meal is a great way to increase saliva flow and help decrease acids in the mouth that can affect our enamel and remove potentially harmful food particles.

(Sugarless gums sweetened with Xylitol can also protect from tooth decay)

Choosing Tea over Coffee

If a nice cup of coffee is your preferred way to have a quick caffeine boost, consider swapping it out with a cup of black or green tea without added sugars. Black and green teas both contain properties which help prevent gum disease and keep cavity-causing bacteria under control.

Are any of the foods listed above already a big part of your daily diet? If so, it’s awesome to find out that you already have foods that are great for your smile incorporated into  your diet. If not, now you know a few different types of foods that can help and the positive effects they have on your teeth.

If you want to learn more about how your diet may be positively or negatively affecting your smile, be sure to ask your DentFirst Dentist for more information.

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*This information is adapted from Delta Dental and existing findings from the ADA.

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