Digital X-Rays and Safety Information


Digital X-Ray Safety at DentFirst

Educated patients are our best patients

We have invested several hundred thousand dollars into modern digital low dose x-ray equipment so that the radiation your receive is absolutely minimized. You are getting only about 10-15% of the x-ray dosage that old-technology high dose dental offices use. We charge you no more for this procedure than for the old-fashioned way. Because we use computers to display and review your x-rays you can view your teeth at 100 times life size! This makes for better and quicker diagnoses. Its better for the environment. No lead foil packets need to be used to protect the undeveloped film. No photographic chemicals are used or disposed of into the local water supply.

Everything we do has risks and rewards. We don’t stay at home because we’re afraid of being in a traffic accident. We are careful, however, not to take unnecessary risks. The x-radiation your jaw receives with your four bitewing low dose digital x-rays is about 5 microseiverts. In comparison, your entire body receives that much just by flying from Atlanta to Miami. Additionally we provide you with a lead shield and the airlines don’t. Remember that dental radiation is only directed to an area which is the size of the dental x-ray … not your entire body.

“What’s in it for me?” Most diseases of the teeth, bone and surrounding tissues can not be seen with just a visual examination. X-rays show beginning decay especially between your teeth, tumors, cysts, abscesses and infections as well as serious periodontal disease. A “Full Series” of 18 rays offers us the complete view of all your teeth and adjacent structures. We only ask that you have this done once every three years or so. The four “bite-wing” low dose x-rays we normally take every six to twelve months do not reveal anything about the root ends (where abscesses can be detected) or anything at all about your front teeth. Ideal for detecting decay in your chewing teeth they do nothing to preserve your smile. Additionally, at DentFirst, your “full series” low dose x-rays are reviewed by another dentist as well … an added DentFirst value.

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