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Periodontal Care

Your dental care is not confined to your teeth; it initiates with them and extends to every component that constitutes your mouth. In the realm of dentistry, treatment goes beyond the teeth and delves into the intricate structures that support your teeth—your gum and jaw bone–and contribute to overall oral health.

The Essence of Periodontal Care

“Periodontal” denotes ‘around the tooth,’ emphasizing the importance of the well-being of structures surrounding your teeth, such as the gums and bone. The comprehensive field of periodontal care encompasses the protection and enhancement of these critical components.

Indicators for Periodontal Attention:

If your gums exhibit signs of swelling or redness, it serves as a strong indication that specialized dental attention is necessary. At DentFirst Dental Care, we conduct thorough assessments to identify the presence of harmful substances like plaque and tartar. These substances, when left unaddressed, escalate into more severe conditions, leading to periodontitis and tooth loss.

Preventive Measures:

Regular brushing and flossing are pivotal in preventing the progression of periodontal issues. Our patients undergo a variety of cleaning procedures, focusing on the removal of plaque and tartar, mitigating the risk of further deterioration. During routine dental checkups, we emphasize the importance of maintaining proper oral health and provide tools and guidance to support our patients in their daily oral care routine.

Addressing Progressive Issues:

Ignoring the significance of daily oral care routines, including flossing, can result in the gradual, often painless, buildup of dental problems. Our dedicated team strives not only to address existing conditions of poor oral health but also to reverse them, alleviating dental problems and promoting overall gum and bone health.

Comprehensive Periodontal Care Services

Understanding the severity of periodontal diseases, DentFirst Dental Care offers a range of services designed to help you effectively manage and control your oral health:

Regular Cleanings:

We recommend up to four cleanings throughout the year to stabilize any damage and prevent further gum and bone deterioration. Consistent and thorough cleanings play a vital role in maintaining optimal periodontal health.

Oral Health Maintenance:

Post-treatment, we emphasize the ongoing responsibility of regular brushing, flossing, and use of mouth rinses. These fundamental practices contribute to the prevention of periodontal issues and support the longevity of treatment outcomes.

Regenerative Treatments:

Our quick and effective treatments aim to regenerate lost bone strength and enhance gum stability, addressing the aftermath of periodontal disease and work toward preventing tooth loss.

Why Choose DentFirst Dental Care for Periodontal Care?

Abundance of Experience: With over 40 years of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge to effectively control and manage periodontal diseases.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans: Our treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, focusing on addressing specific conditions, preventing tooth loss, and promoting overall periodontal health.

Timely Consultations: The sooner you schedule a consultation and initiate treatment, the quicker and more noticeable the results will be. Ignoring periodontal issues can lead to significant distress, tooth loss, and complications.

Don’t underestimate the impact of periodontal health on your overall well-being. The largest reason for tooth loss after age 40 is periodontal, gum disease.  Schedule a consultation with DentFirst Dental Care at 770-755-5935 today. Trust us to provide comprehensive periodontal care, ensuring the health and stability of your gums and beyond.




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