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Why We Do What We Do

At the heart of DentFirst Dental Care, we want to change lives. We love seeing people’s self-confidence and self-esteem go through the roof when they’re proud of their smile.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the most stellar team members who work hard every day to keep our patients’ smiles healthy and happy! We have structured our offices around making dentistry both comfortable and convenient for our patients. Patients truly are FIRST at DentFirst!

DentFirst has been serving Atlantans for almost 35 years and we take great pride in all of the smiles we have been so fortunate to brighten and care for!

So often, people seem to be in search of the “perfect smile,” but we know that that the “perfect smile” starts with a healthy foundation. We’re here to help you build that healthy foundation so that it can hopefully last you a lifetime!

Many of our patients started with us when they were young children and we’ve been able to continue investing in their smile as they have matured into adults. This is why we love when parents bring in their 2-3 year olds because helping children understand the importance of caring for their teeth starts young.

The great thing, however, is that whenever you’re ready to start investing in your smile or you’re simply looking for a new dental home, we are here for you and always accepting new patients!

We are incredibly proud to be a multi-specialty practice because it gives us the capacity to create a comprehensive and multi-faceted treatment plan for our patients who need it. For instance, if you’re experiencing tooth decay issues due to overcrowding or misalignment of your teeth, your general dentist can work directly with your orthodontist to help straighten your smile and protect the health of your teeth.

Opening the lines of communication, demystifying dentistry and creating an environment of transparency is integral to building lasting and trusting relationships with our patients.

We want to help co-create your perfect smile with you while making your time in and out of our office as pleasant as possible. For us, what it really comes down to is simplifying a, sometimes, otherwise complicated or stressful process.

It is so important to us to keep our patients in the loop of what’s going on with their treatment and to make what they need readily and easily accessible when they need it.

Our locations offer specialties in Periodontics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry. Outside of our specialties, we also offer Emergency Care because we understand that things don’t always happen during regular business hours.

Our patients know that when they need us most, we’re here. As a team, we continuously strive for excellence so our patients can rest assured that their smiles are always in the best hands in Atlanta!

The art and practice of Dentistry as a whole is certainly a collaborative effort between the patient and his/her provider. We love being a part of this effort and always look forward to caring for new and existing patients.

We do what we do because dentistry is more than an industry to us, it’s who we are and it’s what we love.

DentFirst Dental Care is proud to serve Atlanta and proud to serve YOU!

Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Smile


Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?

Our diets and the foods that we consume can have a lasting impact, not only on our physical health, but also on our oral health.

It is important that we understand the large role that nutrition plays in caring for and maintaining a healthy, bright and beautiful smile! Nutrition and oral health are incredibly interrelated and knowledge is power when it comes to protecting your smile!

Regular visits to your dentist and optimal home care are fundamental in oral hygiene and health. However, regular and excessive consumption of foods that are detrimental to your teeth can still compromise the health of your smile.

At DentFirst Dental Care, we want to help our patients have a comprehensive understanding of the best ways and practices to keep their beautiful smiles healthy!

Below you will find 5 types of foods that aren’t the best for your teeth, but may already be a part of your daily diet.

Sugary Foods:

Foods that are high in sugar promote tooth decay.

(Candy, ice cream, sodas, cereals)

Sticky Foods:

Foods that are sticky and/or chewy stick to the surface of teeth or between them and cause tooth decay.

(Taffy, caramels, gummy foods/candies)

Hard/Crunchy Foods:

Foods that are difficult to bite into or chew can cause your teeth to chip or crack.

(Hard candies, ice, lollipops, bones)

Acidic Foods:

Foods that are high in acidity can wear down your enamel over time and leave your teeth weakened and susceptible to decay.

(Citrus fruits, sodas, sugary drinks/juices, tomato soup)

Foods High in Starch:

Foods that are high in starch easily stick to the surface of your teeth and between them, too. These starches will break down into sugar, promoting tooth decay.

(Breads, potato chips, rice, crackers, pasta)

Did you see some of your favorite foods on here? If so, don’t worry, moderation is the key! Some of these foods or their primary ingredients are fairly difficult to avoid in our daily diets. This is where great oral hygiene habits come into play such as daily flossing and brushing your teeth!

If you are unsure if some of your favorite foods are harming your teeth, feel free to talk to your DentFirst Dentist or Hygienist to learn more about how these foods may be affecting your smile.

Check back soon for a list of the types of foods that encourage a healthy and bright smile!

Patients are FIRST DentFirst!


*This information is adapted from Delta Dental and existing findings from the ADA.