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DentFirst is committed to protecting dentists’ independence to practice dentistry how they choose. DentFirst provides an environment where we supply the team, the office, the supplies, the marketing, and everything else you need to care for your patients in a supportive group environment.


All we need is you.


We are always looking for qualified dentists who want to run their practice as independent contractors inside one of our well-equipped, digital, and paperless modern offices. We are dedicated to continued career development through in-house continuing education, clinical mentors, and chances for advanced training.


For those dentists who have built their practice and are ready to take it to the next level or are considering retirement in the near or distant future, we want you to!


With our partnership model, we will work with you to drive your practice’s growth to allow you to focus on improved and expanded patient care. We can provide our proprietary computer patient and management software, VOIP phone systems, data infrastructure, management experience, and cost control supply networks. We have the knowledge and ability to market your practice under a known brand umbrella. And when you are ready, we can provide a fair value buyout and continuity for your practice and your patients.

DentFirst has been dentist-owned for over 35 years and is committed to staying that way! We are not a faceless corporation. We aim to provide a proven management model that helps expand your ability for production and collection while minimizing costs. Ultimately, this allows you to provide the best patient care with the least amount of personal stress. We want to help you improve your work/life balance while we manage all aspects of the administrative side of your practice. As you consider joining our network of practices, know that you will ultimately benefit from our knowledge, well-established infrastructure, and scale of size with 3rd party negotiation and supplier pricing.

DentFirst is a known, proven, and trusted dental provider. We are looking to work with more practices that allow for continuing high-quality patient care in the future. Our motto is “Patients are first at DentFirst.”

We have operations management and tracking; well-developed marketing, social media, and internet platforms; HR systems for hiring, staff development, training, mentorship, and advancement; accounting services including taxes, payroll, and benefits packages; internal patient care center for call direction, scheduling, and accounts receivables; and established relationships for supply and equipment procurement in place and operating today.

In addition, we can provide stand-alone management services for internet-based practice management software with worldwide access to: 

  • patient information
  • VOIP networking and systems
  • well-developed patient portal access for appointments
  • payments and 
  • patient texting (SMS) and email communications.




If you are looking to join a growing group of dental professionals in an environment where all aspects of your dental practice can be managed to allow you complete freedom to treat patients in the best possible manner,

If you are looking to take your practice to a higher level with expanded operations and a partner in practice management for better time/life balance, If you are considering how to sell your practice while protecting the integrity of what you have built and your patients.




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