Why E-mail

Why do we ask for your E-mail address?

(Now you can even schedule your Re-Care appointments On-line!)

First of all we assure you that we never share your e-mail address with anybody. You can read DentFirst’s Internet Privacy Statement for more information.

Using your personal e-mail address as your “Username” and your DentFirst Patient number as your password, you can log into the reserved and secure Patients’ section of this website to see a individual balances as well as make your own appointments to see your hygienist.

After most visits with your dentist we send out pertinent healthcare information about the specific treatment you received that day. This information is tailored just for you. Additionally we send out report cards designed so that you can grade us and help us better care for you.

Tired or getting phone calls and postcards telling you that you’re overdue for your re-care, hygiene and oral cancer screening appointment? We think e-mail reminders are easier on everybody.

Features include enabling you to check on your insurance company’s payments and, our most asked-for feature: scheduling your own appointments with your hygienist!

…and you can always change your mind! We’ll only send you e-mails if you want them. You can cancel any time.